Kitsunebi Kensha is a Japanese Akita Inu breeding and showing kennel currently located in South Carolina, USA.  Our love for the breed started around 2008.  I met my first American Akita then and what a beautiful, strong and friendly dog he was.  In 2012, I purchased our first Akita, an American Akita we named Koga Bear.   A year later I purchased my first Japanese Akita Inu from Europe, and she was named Naomi.  Seeing the two types of Akita everyday side by side gave me great insight to the differences and what appealed to me and didn’t.  It wasn’t long before we added our next Japanese Akita, I’Maru (pictured to the right).  This boy bonded to me so quickly and never would leave my side when he could be at it.  He truly is the definition of a Japanese Akita in personality and looks.  This dog would protect me and my family without a doubt in my mind, but still carried himself well in public and at all dog events.  Next was my first brindle, a silver brindle named Takara.  So my likes for brindle color pattern started.  Fast forward to today.  My family and a friend now have a total of 14 of these beautiful and majestic dogs and couldn’t be happier with them all.

We have been producing great quality pups since late 2014.  Our kennel has always health tested the parents before breeding and complete all 3 major test suggested for this breed.  Hips, Eyes & Thyroid are tested and confirmed results are posted by OFA (Orthopedic Foundations for Animals) website.  Hips are tested at 2 years of age as recommended or a Penn Hips done before that age.  Eyes are yearly as well as Thyroid.

We recently have started to show some of our dogs, when time is available.  We will post titles and such on our blog or on the individual dog’s pages.  We attend local dog events throughout South Carolina education and showing people this beautiful breed.  We are a growing kennel and hope to relocate  the kennel actually to the Smokey Mountains where I spent half my life.  Property is more available there and we would have a nice amount of land set up for the dogs to run and play and spend their life.  The climate, the environment, the people and slower lifestyle will be a welcome and appreciated change from what we have now.

We have some dogs registered with the American Kennel Club, some have AKIHO pedigrees or country of birth kennel club pedigrees, but all the dogs are registered with the United Kennel Club.  People here in America may wonder why the UKC and not AKC.  AKC is the only kennel club in the world that does not separate the Japanese Akita Inu from the American Akita.  They are totally two different dogs and if you are not familiar with the differences, here are a few links to help you figure out the difference and maybe help you decide on what breed of Akita you want.
Video # 1:
Video # 2:
Video # 3:
If you want a paper trail that shows you have a 100% Japanese Akita Inu and they were born here in the USA, then make sure they are registered with UKC and not AKC.

As our kennel and dogs prove themselves over time and we are become more popular.  If you are interested in a great quality puppy from one of our future litters or a retired dog, feel free to reach out to us.  Often our litters are completely sold by the time they are actually born.  It may be necessary to be put on a small waiting list with a deposit, depending on the color/sex you desire.  Currently our max wait time is about a year out.