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The nose knows!

The B locus

The best place to start when trying to figure out your Hav’s genetic color makeup,  other than a genetics laboratory, is by looking at your dog’s nose.  If it’s black  than you know that the dog has the dominant form of  the gene called B.   If it’s brown, the dog has a variation of this gene (called an allele) and  results in a brown color in the nose and is denoted by “b”.   This does not guarantee that  your Hav’s fur is going to be an obvious black or brown, since there are other  genes that may play a role in your Hav’s color.  However, let’s look at one thing at a time since Havanese color can get very complex due to the fading genes.  So now you know by looking at your Hav’s nose that she is either B (Black) or b(brown) . As anyone who has lived with multiple Havanese the color they are as adults is not necessarily the color as puppies.  It’s probably easiest to start by establishing the most probably genetics when viewing them as a puppy.  Many changes may come at a later point in the puppy’s development.

So, if your dog is genetically BB or Bb the nose is black.  If she  is bb  her nose is brown.  So what happens next?

My dog’s nose is brown – click here.                          My dog’s nose is black – click here.